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The Internet Is Arguing Over How Many Girls Are In This Photo

The crazy side of the internet is at it again. Another day, another mind boggling and viral brainteaser that no one seems to be able to crack! This time it’s an Instagram user Tiziana Vergari, who shot this picture in Switzerland and put this image on her Instagram profile. The rest, as they say, is history!

With 22,722 likes and over 4000 comments on the image, the people are seen bickering about the reality of the picture, the number of girls, and the position of the mirror. We have to admit it is a real brain buster. We’ll leave it to you guys to figure this one out! Are there two, three, four or more girls? Where’s the mirror placed? Are there any girls at all or is just a pic-ception?

Give your answer in the comments section below.