Can You Solve This Toothpick Brain Teaser That Has Baffled The Internet

toothpick puzzle (1)

Who doesn’t love brain teasers? Even if you are not very good at solving them; they are still pretty good for keeping you busy for quite some time.

Here is a toothpick puzzle, going around the internet these days. It’s quite old, but not everyone has seen and tried everything right? Take these 12 toothpicks, that make 4 squares and turn these into 3 squares with only 3 moves.

Source: Mind Your Decisions

Toothpicks, matchsticks, or maybe even chopsticks. Use anything you want, but there are some rules.

You can not break the toothpicks.

You have to use every toothpick.

All squares need to be the same size.

All toothpicks need to be touching.


Already started working on a mind map to solve this? If you think you have found the solution, skip the rest of the article and let us know in the comments’ section. If not, scroll down a bit.

There goes your first move.

Source: Mind Your Decisions

You would have figured out the solution by now. No? Scroll down.

Source: Mind Your Decisions

Okay, now you are definitely done. But you get to see the last move anyway.

Source: Mind Your Decisions

Do you have alternate solutions?

There are countless others on the internet. Try to find some solutions for yourself and tell us about them through your comments.


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