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The iKeyp Is A Wi-Fi Enabled Safe That Is Breaking The Internet

The iKeyp Safe Is A Wi-Fi Enabled Safe That Has Raised Funds Successfully!

We are living in a digital and cloud-based world where some of our most valuable possessions are stored online. We have tons of photos that are located in our online photo storage, passwords that are stored in encrypted online keychains, and emails that we have trusted Google’s servers with. iKeyp Safe is a smart safe designed for the physical valuables that you cannot upload to the cloud.

The iKeyp Safe not only protects your valuables but also enables you to monitor them. As of right now, it is available at only $99 – a price that’s 30% off! You can use it for securely storing your safe’s keys, or you can have your medications placed in it – hidden from Airbnb guests – or you can simply have the other valuables that you can’t leave in the drawer stowed away in this revolutionary safe.

The iKeyp Safe provides 24/7 protection for anything that you need to be protected. Furthermore, you will be able to access it quickly by making use of a smartphone, keypad, or a backup key. The gadget is super-easy to set up and sports extendable wings that can be used for securely installing the safe in any position that you want around the home or office.

Owing to its integrated and streamlines Wi-Fi connectivity, the iKeyp Safe can also provide the user with real-time activity notifications in case someone attempts to open it. Furthermore, the user can remotely open it for friends or family members from anywhere as well. It has successfully raised funds on Indiegogo and can also be used as a travel opinion since it is compact and portable. That’s not where its features stop; it provides the users with humidity-resistant storage, thus enabling them to keep temperature-sensitive possessions in the safe as well.

The iKeyp Safe also sports a built-in siren that will sound when someone unauthorizes attempts to access the contents of the safe. The safe is big enough to store a total of eight prescription pill bottles. You can also set up alerts that will remind you to take your prescriptions or for restocking the safe. What do you think of this amazing gadget? Do let us know!