The Horizon Modular Airplane System

The Horizon Modular Airplane System 2

We have come so far from the basic travel systems to the ones that we have employed today. However owing to the fact that population is growing exponentially and that we are in need of improved systems we can’t deny that the current systems will prove to be inadequate.

The Horizon Modular Airplane System 3Introducing to the world a revolutionary new idea before the system of global travel, we have functional today, reaches its limit and breaks down completely as the world population continues to increase at an explosive rate. Design students from the University of Glasgow brought forth the concept of the horizon system which is our glimpse at the future of global travel. The Horizon is designed like a unique aircraft that has six pod-like trains that attach to its undersurface. The Skylink trains transport passengers from around the city to the airport, making the whole travelling process as convenient and effective as can be.

The Horizon Modular Airplane System 4

Horizon may be the world’s first all-electric plane since its unique design allows this unmanned plane to be charged while in flight by the batteries installed in the pod trains which in turn charge as they ride along the rails. What is equally more amazing is that the aircraft never touches the ground when it drops off and picks up the passenger carts. The Horizon has a lounge, business area, retail space and a sky bar that offers a magnificent view from inside, which is why once the passengers are safely in the air as the pods attach to the horizon, they are encouraged to move around and bide their time there.

The Horizon Modular Airplane System 5With the Horizon Modular Airplane System, we just might be on the doorway to a much more advanced technological era of global travel


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    its a nice idea but practically landing and take off is a big issue… any how best of luck…

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