20 Crazy Google Maps Images Which Will Blow Your Mind


We all love Google Maps! Few years ago, Google started this daunting task of imaging the whole world and amazingly they did it. Considering the fact that it’s a very big dataset, it’s quite obvious that they would have come across some really crazy stuff. Today, we have put together a collection of some of these images. Let us know your favourite Gmaps find in the comment box below.


Hitch Hiker Or a Prisoner?


Strangers Are a Danger


Gravity Free World


Arms Deal In Progress


Some Just Don’t Like Fresh Air

Fire Hydrant Explosion

Morning in the Trunk

Scuba Attack

Hitler Lives


Is that a Tiger?

Magical Rainbow Aircraft

Shooter Caught on Camera

I Don’t Want That Van

A lost Child

Who Needs A Gate

They Live

Go Home You Are Drunk

Husband Not Needed

Who Needs Stairs


  1. shahbaz abbas Reply

    I have been enlightened after seeing the material given in the introductory topics. It is all wounderfull.

  2. Pat Nelson Reply

    What has been done with the picture of the lost child? It should have immediately been turned over to the police for investigation– very upsetting to see a small child left on the street alone like that!

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