20 Crazy Google Maps Images Which Will Blow Your Mind

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We all love Google Maps! Few years ago, Google started this daunting task of imaging the whole world and amazingly they did it. Considering the fact that it’s a very big dataset, it’s quite obvious that they would have come across some really crazy stuff. Today, we have put together a collection of some of these images. Let us know your favourite Gmaps find in the comment box below.


Hitch Hiker Or a Prisoner?


Strangers Are a Danger


Gravity Free World


Arms Deal In Progress


Some Just Don’t Like Fresh Air

Fire Hydrant Explosion

Morning in the Trunk

Scuba Attack

Hitler Lives


Is that a Tiger?

Magical Rainbow Aircraft

Shooter Caught on Camera

I Don’t Want That Van

A lost Child

Who Needs A Gate

They Live

Go Home You Are Drunk

Husband Not Needed

Who Needs Stairs



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  1. What has been done with the picture of the lost child? It should have immediately been turned over to the police for investigation– very upsetting to see a small child left on the street alone like that!