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The Former Head Of NASA Is Creating A Startup To Build A Robot Outpost Near The Moon

The former head of NASA has planned to build the robotic outposts in cislunar space or more likely between Earth and Moon to facilitate the trips to Moon. He has co-founded a start-up, named “Quantum Space” for the same reason.

A new start-up run by a former acting NASA administrator hopes to capitalize on the eagerness for the work related to the investigations in lunar space by building robotic outposts and spacecraft to send to space near the Moon. The firm has been developed with the aim to help astronauts via robotic helpers, who can perform a variety of tasks near the Moon, including the provision of the Internet, refueling spacecraft, and assembling structures in lunar space.

Steve Jurczyk, the former administrator of NASA, has co-founded the company called “Quantum Space” in 2021. He served as NASA’s associate administrator.

Future public and private trips to the Moon were regarded as the provisions of the firm via these outposts. Jurczyk said in the release, “We aim to remove barriers to entry for utilizing space to deliver more science, more data, and information, strengthen national security, and accelerate commercial activities.”

Outposts are generally regarded as gas stations or mechanics along a highway. That can also be interpreted in a similar way for this scenario. As NASA begins to embark on the historic Armetis mission back to the Moon, more incredible missions to the Lunar surface will be seen in the future.

“There’s really no legacy systems to compete with there,” Jurczyk told The Verge. “We can sort of being a first mover to establish capabilities and services in cislunar.”

Moreover, Artemis Project is ready to launch its first lunar landing in 2025 at the earliest. So it is an astute entrepreneurial venture for the former NASA chief, who retired last May after President Biden’s inauguration.

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