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Artist Reveals How Human Life On Mars Will Look Like In These Stunning Pictures

Yes, yes we all are excited about going to Mars. We have read about it, we have seen movies about it and now we are witnessing a race as to who gets there first; NASA and SPACEX being the top contenders. It might take some more years before we can make that happen, however, that hasn’t stopped visionaries from wondering how a human colony on Red Planet would visually look.

The following illustrations also come from such a person who has wondered what a human colony would look like. So are you ready to look at Mars of the future through his eyes? Meet Ville Ericsson who is a 26 year old illustrator and concept artist from Stockholm, Sweden. His renderings show cities that have been encased in glass while climbers try to overcome a huge Martian volcano, Olympus Mons and space station orbits. It also shows that the future Mars has undergone terraforming. Transport domes can be seen inside the cities and plants along with grass can be seen growing on the ground.

As per Mr. Ericsson, “The idea of starting fresh on another planet really compels me. It would mean a chance for us humans to learn from our mistakes as a society and use our collective knowledge to build something beautiful. Technologically it would be extremely difficult; Mars doesn’t have an active core, so there’s no magnetosphere to protect the surface from solar radiation, which means that it’s an incredibly dangerous place, but Mars is still one of the best shots we have at colonizing another planet.”