The Flying Drawbridge In Netherlands

Flying Drawbridge

Wonderful Engineering – The Flying Drawbridge 3Engineers sure are awesome for they get to use their imagination and come up with unique designs for real world problems. It’s a field where you can actually convert your ideas into reality, given they are feasible enough. One finds wonderful works of engineering all over the world. Today we bring to you one such bridge from the Netherlands. Wonderful Engineering – The Flying DrawbridgeThe bridge, known as Flying Drawbridge is located in the city of Leeuwarden. This fully automatic bascule bridge is also known as ‘Tail Bridge’ while the actual name is Slauerhoffbrug.

Wonderful Engineering – The Flying Drawbridge 5The bridge can be raised and lowered by making use of only one pylon rather than the hinges and this allows for the water traffic to pass from under the bridge quickly and in return results in a brief halting of traffic at the bridge. Wonderful Engineering – The Flying Drawbridge 4The deck for this bridge is 15 x 15 m and has been painted yellow and blue in connection with Leeuwarden’s flag and seal.

Wonderful Engineering – The Flying Drawbridge 2Such wonderful engineering projects show us how we can come up with elegant designs and successful solutions to engineering problems.

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