31 Engineering Mistakes That Make You Wonder Who Gave Them Engineering Degrees


Civil engineering is the loudest of the engineering’s – what civil engineers make is visible and can be seen, touched and lived-in by many for many years. We have seen some amazing marvels of civil engineering in past and we continue to come across amazing civil engineering projects everyday. However, here are some civil engineering fails that will leave you baffled

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  1. Emily Foster Reply

    Just why? Who in the world would be so stupid? I am a pretty dumb person myself but even I wouldn’t that!

  2. Carl C Hybels Reply

    some of them look like deliberate surrealist humorous art. –Like the half toilet and some of the stairways to walls or flight pf stairs to an inverted next flight (that one’s copies an Escher drawing) Another photo shows an outside artwork /sculptured space with short cement flights of stairs and landings interacting –that one just needs a few plants and people would like it as…
    Some of the deliberate art pieces are on the playful soul of Magritte and Duchamp and M,C. Escher.
    Agree others are idiot/or do as your told by an idiot/half-ass contractors or.. But some are clearly deliberate playful art.

  3. John van der Puil Reply

    I am astonished about the many comments, supposing that the pictures are supposed to be photoshopped.
    I am a qualified engineer and lawyer, specialised in risk governance.
    I might be able to add a few more of these pictures. But I won’t do so.
    For a larger part these are simply errors, made during execution of the work, certainly not design failures;
    Do not blame the architects or the construction engineers, but simply the second hand, non qualified contractors.
    But anyhow, this collection is quite amusing.
    May I copy some to the photos?

    John van der Puil,
    Board member Department Risk Government & Technology Royal Institute of Engineers, The Netherlands

  4. Richard Reply

    The 28th picture is probably not a mistake the one with a new stairway up to a brick wall. The stairs are often put in place before the wall is opened. If you noticed there is a window directly in line with the stairs which will be removed and the opening changed to fit the door of choice. Or maybe they can’t finish until the electrician reroutes the conduit which will be in the way of the new opening.

  5. Bored Reply

    These are all either photoshopped or have an actual reason for being like this… This was stupid!

  6. George Hilbert Reply

    Most of these mistakes have little or nothing to do with civil engineering, which is subject to tight government inspection for public safety.

    These are examples of owner- or tenant-added, and thus unpermitted, and uninspected features.

    • Nubs Reply

      Thank you. Someone said it. I’m guessing this author has absolutely no idea what body of knowledge civil encompasses.

  7. David Reply

    The pictures with the doors on the upper floors are NOT engineering mistakes. They allow emergency personnel to gain access to the upper floor of a building during a fire or other emergency in the event that the ground floor doors or the inside access to the upper floor is blocked. I’m not an engineer or a firefighter, but even I know what those doors are for.

    • Jeff Reply

      Ok I understand what you’er saying there, I’ve even seen a few doors like this myself and from the inside, but what I don’t understand is if they are supposed to be used for emergency personnel as you say, then why are these doors almost always locked form the inside to prevent a sudden fall? I think that would hinder an out side emergency personnel trying to brake in a door especially if they had to do it on a ladder of some sort?

      • David Reply

        From what I remember being told, the fire department has a key for the lock. It’s like the lock on the gate surrounding the lot of any car dealership, (I know this by personal experience), it’s a lock that has a key that’s common to every other lock that the fire department has to open to gain access to wherever they need to go.

      • Richard Reply

        The doors like this that I have seen are for loading equipment of furniture to upper floors with external lifts, lift trucks, cranes etc. Of course they could be used for emergency access if unlocked from inside, think someone trapped in an upstairs location and the fire department usually has keys for entrances on buildings in the responsibility.

    • Hamisshu Reply

      I didn’t know that, so thanks for the info though I’m 100% certain most of these are photoshopped anyway because how the hell could anybody put a garage on the second floor by mistake?

  8. brian Reply

    hahahaha so the eng/arc says ‘dont ask questions your not smart enuff for that just build it’ so this happens.also , the builder can find he has spent time and money building a mistake made by the lordly ‘smarter than you’s’,so why should they put themselves out of pocket.civil engineers,architects they just find another job but the builder goes bust and loses his house car and all.you stuck up asses are WRONG!!!!!!!……eh?……eh?……..eh?…………..yeah,what a bunch of %#@***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • edward Reply

      so true a lot of angry people you see here who are angry saying these photos are either not mistakes or not done by engineers are engineers themselves LOL. I once went to the hardware store to get a drill bit smart guy who is an engineer came up to me and started talking for no reason?

      engineer: hey what’s up what you looking for?
      me: drill bit.
      engineer: for what? (smartass tone)
      me: what? what do you mean?
      engineer: metal, wood, concrete or all purpose which one? (again smartass voice)
      me: what is an all purpose drill bit?
      engineer: LMAO can be used for metal, wood, and concrete duh…..
      me: If an all-purpose drill bit can be used for metal, wood, and concrete why would engineer make each one separate.
      engineer: (silence with a puzzled look on his face)………
      me: LMAO.

      in truth, an engineer is an over glorified person who learns how to use a specific tool along with some fancy jargon he/she then shows off about it to every damn living being on this planet.

      programmers do pretty much the same shit with little variation.

      • kingz Reply

        Are you sure that all engineers have such little knowledge? Maybe you should try building a space shuttle yourself man.

  9. George Hilbert Reply

    Hate to break it to ya, but architects design buildings. Engineers make sure that the elements and structures designed by the architects are safe against failure by specifying dimensions of elements, methods of fastening elements, etc.

  10. David Henderson Reply

    What gets me is the fool who builds the mess. I do not car what the plans say at some point the person doing the building is got to realized that some thins wrong. But for them to keep going even after that is just plan stupid. The world of today scares me.

  11. Emmanuel Iyere Reply

    Greatest engineering students, this is why we are sopos to b serious in thing we are doin
    g or carrying out.

    • Brin jenkins Reply

      Some pics looked photo-shopped, others might have been in Spain when changes to planned pedestrian access are changed to suit a new idea at the last minute. The wall is built and rendered around what was existing. I remember such sights 30 years ago in the Marina at Estepona, and whilst it seemed a little odd, it worked by blocking off a muggers escape route.

  12. GeeBee Reply

    Doorways at the second floor or a bit higher without steps or a landing on the outside are often not mistakes, just a very convenient way to create a loading path for a high lift forklift or less frequently a small crane. The door is prominently marked with warnings on the inside and has a keyed deadbolt or even a more robust securing mechanism. Just a lack of thoroughness or a bit of cheapness to not remove the handles and knobs that are exposed on outside where they will never be used.

  13. Tom Henry Reply

    How many of these came from china? I’ll wager the railway/ cement pour was from the land where they do not believe in quality control.

  14. Cee Reply

    Why is Swastika shaped building a mistake? It was made like that deliberately.

    • Easy S Reply

      It’s the Coronado Naval Amphibious Base in the States and it was built like that but I’m guessing not deliberately in that shape though. Unless the architect was a former Nazi who wanted to have the last laugh. Anyway, supposedly they’re spending about 1/2 million $ trying to hide the shape since it’s not a symbol they like to be associated with.

  15. Adobe Reply

    PHOTO SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Wizard Reply

    Are you all idiots?

    I’m wondering how anybody who has made a comment up until now got an Engineering Degree.

  17. Rizal Reply

    This not an enginering decision…more towards clients needs for an unknown reason…

  18. jack ass Reply

    Hahahahahhahaha, I can see why engineers drink wines…………..

  19. Ahmadj Reply

    This cannot be a mistake perhaps some unprofessional modications to suit other needs

  20. Enjiniong kuyaw Reply

    That photos are not the work of certified civil engineer. Before commencing the works drawing and method of statement will stablished. In the drawing itself you can visualized the out come of your project. By work method of statement you already know the process of the work. True civil engineer don’t allows mistakes like this. Tell it to the marines.

  21. ummer Reply

    well nobody z insane enough or fool to do such blunders..
    these may be the renovated structures that lead to these things..
    the blunder that we see might have been a part of the structure before restructuring…..
    i guess that z the only way to explain this.

  22. Trent Robertson Reply

    It is worse that there were contractors who actually built these. However, I doubt any of these came from a drawing signed by a P.E.

  23. Pat Reply

    Some of the elevated doors may be “elevated accesses”. I’ve seen those where machinery needs to be placed into the room after construction and possibly replaced at a later date, such as lift (elevator) equipment and even computer equipment. Others are later modifications, but yes, some of those are because something went very wrong, whether the original designer or by a contractor not being able to follow a blueprint.

  24. ben Reply

    these are not civil engineering mistakes. these does not involve any structural defects but rather lack of workmanship.
    its much more of not consulting civil engineers or architects for the job.
    if its a civil engineering mistake, its going to be a disaster.

    but funny nonetheless especially the last one with the stairs aligned with each other. i wonder how they will be able to fix that. lol

  25. anil kshirsagar Reply

    Actually these are not Civil
    Engineer’s mistakes… You will
    face more such problems… when
    you donot consult Civil
    Engineers…but its really great

  26. dj rei Reply

    good thing they didn’t build the great pyramids of Egypt, the Eiffel Tower, and the White House. Anyways, it’s worth the laugh…. good job guys!

  27. Phil Harding Reply

    Why blame these mistakes on engineers or architects? I seriously doubt either was consulted in any of these projects. These are all most likely examples of expedient modifications long after the building/project was originally completed. Give the engineers a break.

  28. silk-hurley Reply

    This things make me laugh. But I do not believe that all of this are made by engineers.
    Hmm ..There is a reason behind that why they make that crazy stuff..

  29. Steve D Reply

    I’ve seen enough crap pseudoscience hawked by engineers billing themselves as “scientists” (climate denial, Moon landing hoaxes, creationism, Velikovsky, etc.) not to be automatically impressed by an engineering degree. But most of these are not engineering per se. A lot look like somebody did an alteration without changing other features, for example eliminating a door but not removing a flight of stairs. Some are lazy – bricking up a window rather than removing it properly. And a few look like additional work was intended but never begun. The second story garage looks like it was intended to bridge across to the roadway, for example. And some, like the misplaced ATM’s or the divided toilet, look like incompetent installers.

  30. ArCnan Reply

    i am unable to understand, that how this had not came to the great mind of the person responsible on site that there is something wrong going on while making a complete dead wall in front of the staircase. until the time its completed and painted.. 😛

  31. Tony D'Alessio Reply

    Larry: Most of these are ARCHITECTURAL blunders… not CE errors… Got that!!!

  32. asad Reply

    this is what happens when dont higher an engineer for these task but rather go for mason/mistri,,,,

  33. roberto Reply

    They done the designed intentionally to attract attentions from the observant. That’s they call designed and built.

  34. Aamir Reply

    Actually these are not Civil Engineer’s mistakes… You will face more such problems… when you donot consult Civil Engineers…

    • M. Akram Khan Reply

      I agree with Aamir 200% since that is what was my instant response, silent and loud.
      Civil Engineers must beware of such anti Civil Engineer elements.

      • Thor Reply

        and also if there a broken connection like if one group changes the plain to a wall and moved it 5 feet, you have to tell the head guy so he can tell the other groups electrician and hvac contractor or or they will do the same thing as these photos. where you see the vents and wires with the wall next to it

    • asma Reply

      what about the first pic which shows faulty bridge construction. it is huge and surely not a mistries work.

      • Hung Reply

        It’s just photo shopped but even if it wasn’t it would be a surveying mistake not an engineering mistake.

      • John Smit Reply

        The bridge has to be photo shopped. Misalignment would have been obvious from the moment they formed up the Pylons!!
        You would not continue after that without a correction!! 8<(

    • sam Reply

      Yeah, none of these are civil engineering – they’re contractor bodge-jobs.

  35. CAWonders Reply

    It appears that several may have worked for Sarah Winchester in a past life.

  36. Nasim Reply

    Please assure your trust of your design then implement with frequent implementation monitoring. Thanks.
    Nasim Ayobi

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