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The First Real Hoverboard Is Ready for Sale And Will Cost You 10,000$ For A Unit

The Hendo Hoverboard is Real and Ready for Sale5

Are hoverboards still a thing of the future? Apparently not. Ever since the movie “Back to the Future” featured Marty McFly flee from bullies on a hoverboard, everyone has wanted one of those floating devices. The Hendo Hoverboard built by a husband and wife team, Greg and Jill Henderson, claims to be the first ‘real’ hoverboard.

The Hendo Hover is capable of running an inch off the ground using opposing magnetic forces between the board and a metal surface. The use of magnetism means that rather than riding over the pavement, the board is currently restricted to levitating over a surface made of copper or aluminium. The batteries in the current prototype will last for less than 10 minutes making it a bad Christmas present for a 10 year old.

Hendo Hoverboard creates its elevated lift with four ‘hover engines’ that emit magnetic fields pushing against each other as long as there is a non-ferromagnetic surface underneath. Even though this is the 18th prototype, the hoverboard is still in its early stages. Because of the special surface the hoverboard requires, Hendo are also designing a skate park specifically for their boards. So hop on and feel the frictionless bounce on air. There is a catch to this technology and a big catch it is; it will cost buyers at least $10,000.

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