Watch This Daredevil Fly On His Hoverboard At Speeds Of 100 Mph

Zapata hoverboard flyboard

Frank Zapata showcases stunts on hoverboards, jetpacks or any other single-person propulsion system. In his latest video, he showcased his most recent stunt by flying his hoverboard at speeds of over 100 miles per hour. It is not quite a jetpack and is more extensive than a hoverboard.

Zapata lives in France and has gained a lot of fame through his viral videos. When he tested his Flyboard and uploaded the video on YouTube, many viewers were receptive to the technology, and many thought its a hoax. Critics called the video over-the-top editing style and lack of any real struggles. Zapata explained in previous interviews that the Flyboard system has three parts. The board, a fuel tank and a hand-held remote which is used to control the board. It controls the four turbo engines installed on the board. Each engine can give 250 horsepower and a logic system within the board which helps to stabilize it when his weight shifts during hovering.

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