The First REAL Hoverboard – ArcaBoard, Is Here. This Is How It Works

The First REAL Hoverboard, ArcaBoard, is Here 6

Hoverboard concepts have been teasing us for quite some time now and while so-called hoverboards have been released, they don’t really fit the definition of a hoverboard that we are familiar with thanks to Back to The Future: Part II. The recent addition to the hoverboard family is the ArcaBoard that has been created by the aerospace company, Arca and is being called the real deal where the gadget is capable of hovering and cruising about a foot above any surface.The First REAL Hoverboard, ArcaBoard, is Here 5

Why are we so hyped up about this? Well, because Arca began operating as a Romanian NGO and won contracts for work on stratospheric rockets and balloons by the European Space Agency and Romanian government. The company has also participated in Google Lunar X Prize and developed high-end drones. It has recently relocated to the US and has announced the release of the ArcaBoard on Christmas Eve. Apart from company’s track record, the specs that are not so good to be true kind also hint towards this being the real deal.The First REAL Hoverboard, ArcaBoard, is Here 4

The board features 36 high-power electric ducted fans that are able to create up to 272 horsepower and a 430lb thrust. The batteries that have been tasked to provide the power for this contraption, can last for a total of 6 minutes on the lightweight version and a total of 3 minutes on the ArcaBoard that has been designed for heavy riders. The top speed is limited to 20 km/h.The First REAL Hoverboard, ArcaBoard, is Here 3

The ArcaBoard can be controlled by the user’s body or by making use of iOS/Android app that connects via Bluetooth and activates a stabilization system while relaying navigation commands via hand movements of the user. The board is huge and clunky and measures in at 57 x 30 x 6 inches. It weighs in at 82kg and according to Chris Lang, company’s Chief Operating Officer, can be carried by two people.The First REAL Hoverboard, ArcaBoard, is Here 2

Although it only has a range per charge of 2 km, it still costs more than a few cars with a price tag of $19,900. It will take you about 6 hours to recharge the board using a regular outlet, however, if you purchase the ArcaDock rapid charging accessory for $4,500 you will have it up and running in merely 35 minutes only.The First REAL Hoverboard, ArcaBoard, is Here

Deliveries are slated for April 2016 and Arca is accepting orders right now. Lang said, “We have made two complete units. One green and one beige. The third is blue, and is under construction.”

Check it out in action below!

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