The “Cuban Ironman” Has Been Hitting His Body With A Hammer Since He Was 15 Years Old

Meet Lino Tomasén, the 32-year-old street performer who has earned the ‘Cuban Ironman’ moniker through his extraordinary feats of strength. His unique approach to conditioning involves subjecting his body to relentless blows from a heavy hammer, a grueling regimen that has gained him fame and a devoted following.

The ‘Cuban Ironman’ has captivated social media with his astounding feats and gathered over 100,000 followers on Instagram. His livelihood now revolves around street performances where he displays his incredible strength. His acts often include performing pushups on his wrists with another person on his back or using a sizable hammer to strike his wrists, fists, and shins – all to dispel doubts about the authenticity of his abilities.

The Cuban Ironman’s journey into this unconventional form of body conditioning began when he was just 15 years old. He started hammering himself to prepare for a boxing career, a chapter of his life that brought him recognition and success. However, a tragic incident during his final fight, where his opponent suffered a fatal injury, led Tomasén to retire from the sport. He took the $100,000 he had earned in his boxing career and gave it to his opponent’s family, vowing never to enter the ring again.

Now, Tomasén has found purpose on the streets of Havana, where he entertains and inspires onlookers with his remarkable feats of strength. His decision to leave behind the world of professional boxing doesn’t haunt him; instead, he derives satisfaction from demonstrating to the newer generations that the boundaries of human potential are far more expansive than they might think.

Despite tempting offers to return to the boxing ring, the Cuban Ironman remains resolute in staying on the streets and social media. He proudly declares, “They have offered me thousands, millions of dollars to re-enter (the ring) because they know my potential, and I have always said no.” His unwavering commitment to his chosen path continues to be a source of inspiration for those who witness his incredible displays of strength.

An interesting twist in the story is Lino Tomasén’s lineage – he is the son of Lino Barbaro Tomasen, a controversial healer who claimed the ability to cure various illnesses solely through the energy radiating from his hands. This familial connection adds an intriguing layer to the enigmatic persona of the Cuban Ironman, further deepening the fascination surrounding his life and unconventional journey to strength and fame.

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