The Canadian Space Agency Shared A Satellite View Of Earth, And The Internet Saw An Adorable Cat

The Canadian Space Agency tweeted a satellite image of the Cape Breton Highlands in Nova Scotia on Wednesday to illustrate the region’s geology. Instead, CSA demonstrated how much the area resembles a cat.

CSA responded to the first tweet with a second one, stating, “So apparently, quite a few of you see a cat in this satellite image. Does it mean it should have been named Cat Breton instead of Cape Breton? Help us sort out this confusion, please.” Good job, internet.

Lost Art Cartography artist Marcel Morin processed the original image, shot in April 2021 by the European Space Agency’s Copernicus Sentinel-2 satellite. According to the Canadian Space Agency, “This windswept, snow-covered boreal plateau is surrounded by steep-sided ravines, fast-flowing rivers and waterfalls pouring off escarpments,”

Frankly, the photograph shows a cat resting on its side with one paw stretched out. However, the feline resemblance and the natural beauty of the location are admirable. 


In our imaginations, cats can live rent-free.

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