The Atmosphere Is Heating Up Twice As Fast As It Was 15 Years Ago – Says New Research

The rising temperatures around us in the environment have left everyone agitated and uncomfortable. Summers are getting extended every year and the heat is intensifying simultaneously. This is resulting in an atmosphere that is hardly fit for life and barely tolerable. There are humans, animals, and birds who are dying because of the heatwaves prevailing in multiple regions across the world. One can only take so many precautions to be safe from this calamity.

Recent research has revealed that one of the reasons for global warming and rising earth temperatures is the fact that the atmospheric layer of earth is retaining heat two times more every year than it did 15 years ago. The research was brought forward by NASA and NOAA with the observations scrutinized and thoroughly studied between 2005 and 2019.

There exists an energy imbalance that is caused by an asymmetry in the amount of energy that reaches the earth’s surface and the amount that leaves the surface in form of radiation or emissions. The sources through which all this research was conducted in the Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System (CERES) of NASA and the Argo of NOAA.

CERES is responsible to gauge the difference between the amount of heat that enters the earth and the amount that leaves. This basically measures the energy imbalance mentioned above. Most of the heat on the earth is absorbed by the oceans and Argo measures this side of the research. One of the main reasons for this rise is an increasing lack of white sea ice and clouds. They are white in color and reflect the heat radiations, but their low numbers make the earth absorb more heat. Secondly, greenhouse gas emissions are the cause behind this phenomenon. They trap the heat inside the earth, not allowing it to escape.

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