Jetpack Guy Who Buzzed Around Airports Last Year Is Back

Could it be the start of Iron Man’s legacy?

If you’re not familiar with the Jetpack Guy, he started making headlines around August last year when an American Airlines flight reported a ‘guy in a jetpack’ flying 30 yards away from the aircraft at 3000 feet above the Los Angeles Airport. Similarly, he was spotted again by China Airlines crew in October and was caught on video for the first time in December. Well seems like the Jetpack Guy is back in action, leaving the air traffic controllers as baffled as the first sighting in 2020.

According to reports from the air traffic control at LAX, a pilot radioed in to report “a possible jetpack man in sight” about 15 miles east of the international airport. The air traffic controller warned the other pilots in the area and told them to “use caution, the jetpack guy is back.” But surprisingly none of the other flight crews saw anyone in a jetpack. While there’s still no substantial evidence of what it could actually be, the FBI is already involved and investigating the matter. “We’ve worked with the FAA on each of the past sightings, and thus far, we have not been able to validate any of the reports,” FBI spokesperson Laura Eimiller told the LA Times.

No one’s quite sure about the real identity of the jetpack man if he really is a person or whether it’s a human-shaped drone flying that high up in the air or maybe even some sort of an illusion playing tricks on the pilots’ minds. While some are hoping it’s Iron Man himself or a die-hard fan of the superhero working on a similar flying suit. But for now, he’s dubbed as the “Jetpack guy” unless someone comes forward and takes responsibility for all the buzz surrounding the airport.

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