The Amazon River Has No Bridges Over Its Entire Length – This Is The Fascinating Reason Why

The might of the Amazon River is well understood by all of us, but have you ever wondered why there are no bridges over it? What if someday in a month, we feel the need to stand on a bridge over the Amazon River and breath in the fresh air? Yes, that’s a possibility. Let’s explore this in more detail. This mighty river, which is also known as the world’s second-longest river, has 4300 miles of covered area and also passes through three countries, i.e., Peru, Columbia, and Brazil, but does not have a bridge over it for any reason whatsoever.

So, the most discussed reason, according to researchers and different published studies, is its characteristic of disassociation with the nearby population. This means that it is located in an area that is very thinly populated, with no industrial areas nearby to require the roads for connection. According to Walter Kaufmann, chair of Structural Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, “There is no sufficiently pressing need for a bridge across the Amazon. Of course, there are also technical and logistical difficulties. “

With that being said, the second most important reason for not having any bridges is the vulnerability of the soil along this river to different seasonal variations. A lot of considerations have to be taken into account, like the cold and dry conditions between different seasons that make the soil responsive to such changes, the sea depth, the salinity of the soil, etc. Due to these factors, it would be nearly impossible to construct an erected bridge over the Amazon River.

While discussing it, Kaufmann said, “The environment in the Amazon is certainly among the most difficult [in the world]. Bridges across straits are also challenging if the water depth is deep, but at least you know that construction is possible using pontoons, for example. This challenge would be unique.”

However, as per the reports, people eagerly wanted to construct the bridge over the Amazon River in the past as well. The Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro said that he has a hunt to develop the bridge over there for his project named “Rio Branco” but due to its expensive nature and unfavorable conditions, it couldn’t be built. But still, there is a hope that someday we all can witness the Amazon River by standing on a bridge. Kaufmann stated, “I think a bridge would only be built if the need dominates over the difficulties and cost. Personally, I doubt that this will happen soon unless there are unforeseen economic developments in the region.”

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