The Amazing HB Ring Sends Your Heartbeat To Your Partner In Realtime

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We all know that Long Distance Relationships are hard. Yes, voice and video chats are somewhat good, but there is something undeniably elusive about them. They can never beat the joy of physical proximity. What is better than listening to the heartbeat of your loved one?

TheTouch is a new firm that is trying to bridge the gaps and bring lovers closer with their latest innovation, the HB Ring. HB ring is described as “a smart wedding band” that allows you to feel your partner’s heartbeat in real-time. The company claims that the HB ring “ is the most sophisticated ring the world,” and took 2.5 years from inception to development.


Credits: Digital Trends
Credits: Digital Trends

The ring has more than 100 small parts including a circular LED array, battery, a charging connector, and a “multidimensional” motherboard. It has a round frame like that of the wedding bands. The ring is made up of stainless steel that The Touch claims as “the most wear-resistant coating out there.” All the rings come with a sapphire crystal unibody that make them water as well as scratch resistant.

The most important feature of the HB rings is the sharing of heartbeats. All it takes is a tap on the surface, and the ring collects the data of the contractions and dilations of your heart and sends the heart’s beats to your partner. Setting it up is very simple; you download HB Ring’s companion app in your smartphone, pair the app with the ring and its done. The ring will send the data of your physical heart to the one who has your metaphorical heart.


Credits: Digital Trends
Credits: Digital Trends


 Specs of the Ring:

  • Rings are being sold in pairs and cost $600
  • Rose Gold, 18 K rings start from $3,000
  • The rings are compact and have a thickness of 3.8 mm and a width of 12.1 mm. Size varies from 16 mm to 21 mm.

The HB Ring is a luxury element that comes with a premium price tag. Money can buy more love, eh? The HB ring is currently being trolled on Reddit:

Did she die?


The infidelity scenario


Credits: Reddit
The top level prankster. Credits: Reddit


Well, jokes aside these are some quite sound objections. Imagine your loved one dying and being buried with the ring and one day you feel your ring vibrating. Walking Dead scenario, yup.

What do you think? Will you and your partner consider getting the HB rings?

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