Tesla’s Cybertruck Production Has Been Reportedly Delayed Until Early 2023

The Tesla Cybertruck, first announced in 2019 and postponed several times, may not be released in 2022.

The car was supposed to be released in 2021, but it was pushed back to 2022. The year “2022” was recently deleted from the company’s website, implying that it will not happen this year.

Meanwhile, the Ford F-150 Lightning has appeared in Tesla’s old California headquarters, ahead of its Spring 2022 debut.

According to speculations, the Tesla Cybertruck would begin manufacturing in early 2023. This is because alterations were made to the original design to stay competitive with other electric plug-in pickups.

“The person said the delay comes as Tesla is changing features and functions of the electric pickup to make a compelling product as competition heats up in the segment.”

The fact that initial production will begin before the end of Q1 2023 also suggests that ramp-up will start in 2023. It will be a while before we see a significant increase in volume.

Tesla is most likely finalizing its Q4 2021 financial report, which will most likely include new information, which might lead to leaks like these. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, is expected to present an updated product plan at its earnings conference on January 26.

The Tesla Cybertruck will most likely be built in Texas at the Tesla Giga Austin factory. The specs for the final version of the Tesla Cybertruck are unknown, but many reports indicate that it might be different from the initial one.

The single-motor entry-level model will be phased out altogether, while the three-motor model will be replaced with a quad-motor model. As far as we know, the Tesla Cybertruck will require a large number of Tesla’s new 4680-type cylindrical cells and structural battery packs to achieve the 500-mile range goal (over 805 km).

A new Tesla Cybertruck prototype was reportedly seen on the test track at the Tesla Factory, California. However, Elon Musk indicated at the time that the single-blade windshield wiper, which he said “troubles” him the most, would not be produced.

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