Tesla Will Sue You For $50,000 If You Sell Your Cybertruck Within The First Year Of Purchase

With the imminent arrival of Tesla’s much-anticipated Cybertruck, a surprising clause in the purchase agreement has stirred a buzz—buyers are restrained from reselling the vehicle within the first year after delivery. This restriction is a prominent feature in Tesla’s updated terms and conditions, specifically delineated under the “For Cybertruck Only” section in the Motor Vehicle Order Agreement. The clause explicitly bars owners from attempting to sell the Cybertruck within the initial year post-delivery. It holds the power for Tesla to pursue injunctive relief to prevent the transfer of vehicle title or claim damages amounting to a hefty $50,000 or the value of the sale, whichever is greater. Additionally, future vehicle purchases could be refused for non-compliance.

However, Tesla offers a unique solution to address exceptional cases where a sale is imperative. The company may consider buying back the Cybertruck at its original price, deducting a nominal fee of “$0.25/mile driven” along with expenses for wear and tear repairs, ensuring the vehicle complies with Tesla’s used vehicle standards. Should Tesla decline the buyback, owners may negotiate a sale to a third party with the company’s approval.

This stipulation poses a distinctive challenge, especially considering Tesla’s subscription-based software services. Notably, the non-transferability of features like Full Self-Driving to subsequent owners adds complexity to the resale process, potentially affecting the Cybertruck’s market value.

In the midst of this, there is a great deal of expectation surrounding the advent of the Cybertruck. Its initial price was set at $39,900 when it was first introduced in 2019 as Tesla’s entry into the electric pickup truck market. But the true cost can be significantly more because of the materials’ expenses.

Elon Musk’s projections suggest a significant production ramp-up, envisioning the Cybertruck’s potential to become a substantial revenue source in the next few years. He anticipates an annual production volume of a quarter million by 2025, underscoring its pivotal role in Tesla’s future trajectory.

Tesla’s strict resale policy adds a unique dimension to owning the Cybertruck, challenging traditional norms in the automotive industry while redefining the concept of ownership and resale in the era of electric vehicles.

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