Tesla Will Continue To Pay Ukrainian Employees For 3 Months If They Are Conscripted To Fight

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Tesla announced recently that it would provide at least three months of pay to Ukrainian employees who are given the responsibility to defend their country. The corporation will re-evaluate the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine issue in three months to see what further is required, according to CNBC, emphasizing that the mail did not specify if the salary advantage will be expanded to North America and abroad.

Tesla will pay conscripted Ukrainian employees up to 3 months - CNBC

Tesla’s group constructed and delivered lithium-ion batteries power sources called Tesla Powerwalls to operate Starlink technology in Ukraine. Tesla workers assembled the Starlink and Powerwall installations using converters and recharging cables given by Tesla’s qualified dealers in the region. They also made AC wires out of scraps at Tesla’s new facility south of Berlin to supply Starlink devices. Despite the fact that Tesla does not exist in Ukraine, the firm stated in an e-mail that about 5,000 vehicle owners in the nation, as well as other EV motorists, may enjoy free car charging at many of its Supercharger stations in Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia.

Tesla will reportedly pay 3 months' salary to Ukrainian employees asked to  return home to fight

As per the Tesla Human Resources group, people have already made communication with Tesla workers affected by the prevailing war threat as well as their supervisors that Tesla is fully up to date. The organization also stated that it will continuously strive to provide relevant and specialized help to its workers. In the case of any Tesla personnel who are Ukrainian nationalities and have been forced to surrender to Ukraine for active service as military personnel, the corporation will continue to hire and pay them for three months.

Tesla to pay Ukrainian employees for 3 months if they're called to fight

Tesla claimed that after three months, it will review its employees’ situations in order to assist them in determining what further they require. The corporation wrote at the closing of the email that they have improved the Tesla Employee Assistance Program to better serve staff. In complement to this, Tesla keeps on offering a variety of services and assistance to its Ukrainian personnel.

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