Tesla Has Promised Some Game Changing Features In Its Pick-Up Truck


Tesla’s owner Elon Musk recently answered fan questions on Twitter and promised that their pick-up truck will start production shortly after the production of Model Y SUV. Elon Musk tweeted many clues about the pick-up truck and when will the public be able to buy it.

The announcement was made through the official account of Tesla owner. This is not the first time he made this appearance on the social account. He tweeted that the company will start producing its pick-up trucks after Tesla finishes the Model Y SUV’s production. The production of Model Y is expected to start production in late 2019.

In response to a tweet, he said, “I promise that we will make a pickup truck right after Model Y.” He further said that he has had a concept for the pick-up truck in his mind for nearly five years and that he is “dying to build it.”


Musk promised that his pick-up will have game changer features in it. Few tweets later after the first one he answered another Twitter user who asked if it would be an F150 class or longer. Musk said that it would be similar in size but slightly larger. This accounts for the mysterious feature in his car.

While there can be no doubt that the Tesla Pick-Up will be impressive. The fans are expecting that the arrival of the pick-up can be expected to be a little late. Since Tesla would want to deliver most Model 3 units delivered at the beginning of this year.

Elon made people suggest the unique features of his new car on Twitter. One of the best features suggested in fun by a user was to add ‘disco mode’ in the car. This feature might not be a reality, however, Musk said that he could reveal actual plans for the pick-up truck in 18 to 24 months. This means Tesla fans could have a real pick-up truck somewhere between October 2018 and April 2019.

Musk has been talking about the production of a pick-up truck for many years now. He has mentioned the pick-up truck plans several times during his Master Plan Part Deux. For the Model Y, many more questions have been answered about than the pick-up truck. This edition of the Model 3 could be up for sale by 2020. There are plenty of theories on the market as what will the promised features of the Model Y, the Tesla fans should expect a much higher range than other vehicles.

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