Here’s How Engineers Test Mobil 1 Engine Oil That Can Last 20,000 miles


A synthetic motor oil that can last for a whole year. Isn’t that interesting news? Normally it lasts for 3000 to 5000-mile oil drain interval. However, the new claim by Mobil 1 says that their engine oil will last for 20,000 can be a good news for some if its proven right.

Jason Fenske from “Engineering explained” shows how oil companies manufacture the high mileage oil and how they can see if the product really lives up to the expectations or not. He went inside the Mobil 1’s facility to show a behind the scene sequence of how the company manufacturers the oil that claims to last 20,000 miles or 12 months between oil changes. Mobil 1 engineers set the design parameters at first. This determines which oils and additives would live up to the performance that they desire.

After that, they begin testing it. Mobil 1 makes sure that the oil maintains it’s viscosity, resists ash, deposits, and acidification and protect against wear. Once these lab tests are passed, Mobil 1 moves to real-world testing and run the oil for 20,000 miles in cars that are driven around-the-clock on dynamometers while simulating city and highway driving. Mobil 1 also puts half a million miles on Chevy pickup that runs on annual protection oil. They change the oil and filter after every 20,000 miles and do a complete engine teardown to check for any wear to the engine.


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