Tesla More Than Doubles The Price Of Its Solar Roof

Solar power may not be the most efficient form of renewable energy but it is the easiest to harness. A simple but costly install of solar panels and you can reduce your electricity bill in the long run. It is kind of an investment. Tesla has been developing its solar business for a while with increasing revenues each year but it no longer seems like a good investment.

However, it doesn’t seem like a good investment anymore as Tesla has just more than doubled the prices of its solar roof product. Tesla currently offers only two products, its solar panels, and solar roofs. The news came as a shock to customers as they received emails from the company informing them of the changes to their contracts.

One customer reported that he had signed a contract for a solar roof for just $35,000 and an additional $30,000 for the batteries. This offer and pricing were difficult to beat before with few alternatives that could be better. But sadly he has now been informed that he owes $75,000 instead and $35,000 for the batteries.

I haven’t seen such a price hike for a while. More than double the original price. This news came as a bombshell to the customer only for the company to say that his order would be further delayed if he didn’t accept the new contract immediately. Like any sane person, He immediately opted to cancel his contract only to find that he couldn’t cancel it through the customer portal.

His only choice was to contact customer support and we all know how that goes. Thankfully he got his order canceled but only weeks later. More customers even reported that they spent so much to clear trees and even get loans in order to prepare for their new solar roofs only for them to realize they now had to pay double.

The company has yet to comment on the matter and we think that it won’t be commenting on any of it any time soon. The change is surprising considering three years ago Tesla was discounting their solar offerings to get their solar business up to speed.

Is it me or is Tesla getting greedier by the day?

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