Elon Musk’s Starlink Is Launching 5 More Satellites To Reach Global Connectivity

Elon Musk’s all ventures are doing pretty great, be it his company for space ventures SpaceX, his electric car company Tesla and the internet service company he owns, Starlink.

Starlink is the world’s first internet connection to have widespread connectivity through satellites and is the first to service multiple countries. In a few months, it is expected to be expanded to the degree that its service reaches all parts of the world.

As per the latest, SpaceX is near to reach its goals of global connectivity with only five launches remaining. Once done, the internet service would be good enough to reach almost everyone on earth who wants the Starlink internet connection. The service would even reach the most remote parts of the world and would lay down a fast-paced, stable wireless connectivity for all.

Musk’s startup, Starlink, started off to offer beta test registrations last year. The company has shown impressive progress in such a short period where it is nearing global connectivity with only five more satellite launches to go.

Musk’s company for space ventures, SpaceX, is aiding for these Starlink satellite launches. The total Starlink satellites revolving around our planet have reached 1,369, of which 490 were launched in this year alone.

The massive constellation of Starlink satellites will connect the whole world via one connection. As per a company’s statement, 99 percent of the people on earth could connect to Starlink internet by the end of this September using a total of 1,700 operational satellites.

The Starlink wireless connection would reach the earth’s most secluded parts. However, the only remaining would be the polar regions, connecting, which would ask for more satellites that Starlink would launch using SpaceX rocket ships if needed. The mono internet connection would come at a reasonable monthly subscription and would change the world for good.

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