Tesla Model S Owner Dies After Car Crashes Into A Tree


A 53-year old Tesla Model S driver has died after crashing into a tree at high speeds in the city of Baarn, Netherlands.

Rescue agencies received a call around 6 A.M from eyewitnesses about a car crash. Rescue teams were quickly dispatched to respond to the call but the driver was already dead when rescue workers reached the scene.
The firefighters were unable to pull out the dead body from the wreck because the car body was mangled and the firefighters were reluctant to use the Mechanical Jaws to cut open the car for fear of electrocution. However, soon enough, Tesla engineers arrived on scene to extract the body and assist the firefighters.
The circumstances of the crash are still a mystery and an investigation is underway by the Dutch traffic authorities.

Question is, how can autopilot glitch related fatalities be avoided? Tesla advises people to always have their hands on the wheels but people become complacent after a while. Maybe they should incorporate sensors in the steering wheel that detects if the driver hasn’t had his hands on the wheel for too long, it should brake?
What solution do you propose? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. L.H. Reply

    It has been confirmed that autopilot was off and the car was doing 155 km/h on a 100 km/h road….

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