Tesla Model 3 Wins Racing Competition And Then Gets Disqualified For Being Electric

tesla model 3 track mode

Tesla’s electric vehicles have outperformed various mid-level and high-end cars. Tesla Model X went against Lamborghini Aventador to race on the track as well. Keeping the legacy, the latest Tesla won’t be different either. Tesla recently launched ‘track mode’ for Model 3. This update is created to get the most of the vehicle and give the divers thrill of a ‘race car.’ The Tesla enthusiast, Cameron Rogers, took his Model 3 to the Global Time Attack track and easily beaten the gas-powered competition.

The track mode allows the Model 3 to take on any circuit because of its new race-oriented cooling system. The system enables the vehicle to speed on the track without going into the low-power mode to cool the powertrain. Some other features in the Model 3 track mode are regenerative braking, enhanced cornering power, and motor torque rotation. Tesla team described, “With Track Mode, which is designed specifically for use on closed autocross circuits and racetracks, our goal was simple: use that same motor power and torque to make cornering on the track feel just as natural as forwarding acceleration.”

Of all the cars at the Global Time Attack, the Model 3 was the only car that outperformed all other vehicles. The clock time for the car was recorded at 1:59:12. However, since electricity is not listed as an approved fuel, the car was entirely disqualified from the event. The odd thing is that the hybrid taking part in the event were not excluded from the competition. Global Time Attack is a circuit which has the goal of assembling the world’s fastest dedicated time attack cars together. Check out this video to see the performance of the Tesla Model 3 in Track Mode.

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