Tesla Is Losing Steam

Tesla, once the lone car brand offering support for Steam PC games in its vehicles, has now ceased to provide this feature. Recently manufactured electric vehicles from Tesla will no longer support Steam games, as the company has updated its onboard computer system, leading to disappointment among some buyers.

The announcement came through email notifications sent to buyers of the Model S or Model X, informing them of the change. While the notice lacked detailed explanations, it made it clear that newly purchased vehicles would no longer be able to play Steam games. Although buyers have the option to cancel delivery if this lack of Steam support is a deal-breaker for them, such a drastic measure seems unlikely for most.

“Tesla is updating the gaming computer in your Model X and your vehicle is no longer capable of playing Steam games,” the notice shared on Reddit reads. It goes on to clarify that “all other entertainment and app functionalities are unaffected.”

Tesla initially introduced a Steam beta for Model S and X vehicles in late 2022, excluding the cheaper Model 3 and Model Y from the test. The decision to limit support was attributed to differences in RAM capacity, with the Model S and X boasting 16GB compared to the 8GB in the Model 3 and Y. Despite initially allowing gameplay while the vehicle was in motion, Tesla later restricted Steam access to when the car was parked or charging.

While Steam game performance in Tesla vehicles was never exceptional, it served as a novelty feature for many users. However, Tesla’s choice to drop support raises questions about the rationale behind the decision. Although the company has not announced any new hardware for its Media Control Units (MCU), it’s unclear whether the decision is driven by technical changes or cost considerations.

While the removal of Steam support may not have played a major role in influencing consumers’ decisions to purchase Tesla vehicles, its absence could erode their allure, given Tesla’s association with pioneering technology and advancement. Nevertheless, despite the discontinuation of Steam, Tesla’s vehicles continue to provide gaming opportunities via the Tesla Arcade platform.

However, the available game selection varies depending on the vehicle model and geographical location. Consequently, for individuals determined to indulge in gaming while on the move, alternative solutions like the Steam Deck or similar handheld devices may now be imperative.

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