Tesla Is Finally Releasing The Fully Self-Driven Beta Version 9

There have been talks and discussions along with exciting speculations about Tesla’s new fully automated driving model being commercialized. The company had created enough buzz around the product and enthusiasts were captivated by the news. They had been waiting for access to this amazing piece of technology ever since the concept was introduced. However, the buzz and hype period was prolonged and just when people had started to lose patience and shift focus, Tesla decided to ship these models worldwide.

The model of the fully self-driven car is now available for everyone who has purchased the car with this option. This is beta version 9 and the software update incorporated in this model is called (2021.4.18.12). This feature allows the drivers who have bought access to this update to put the car on the self-driving mode in the local streets which are narrow and twisted, unlike straight and smooth highways.

The first announcement of this beta version 9 was made in 2018 when the update was supposed to be shipped in the same year. However, it got delayed and in 2019, Elon Musk again announced the onset, but it was postponed for some reason again. Now, in 2021, when the shipment was announced, people could not wait for more for the feature and the company did not disappoint.

There have been improvements to the cameras, visuals, and other features necessary to monitor the drive. Moreover, other safety features are also installed. However, in times of heavy traffic, the car is still not practiced enough on for conclusive results. Elon Musk has advised the customers to stay vigilant and safe by taking precautions and being attentive when put in strenuous situations because this will be the first time this version will be wading through the traffic on its own. Unique situations might occur.

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