Mercedes Debuts Electric Truck, Beats Tesla To Market


One of the major contributors to global warming and rising sea levels is heavy traffic. Increasing logistics and need plus a preference for personal transportation has augmented the load on the roads by an exponential figure. It is extremely necessary to shift to cleaner ways of commute before the damage is irreversible to our nature. More automobile companies are working towards making green and environment-friendly transportation options.

The new trucks introduced by the company Mercedes are the hot topic when it comes to green commutes these days. both Volvo and Tesla are still working on their projects of these energy-efficient trucks, but Mercedes has launched their model already by the name of eActros.

The truck was first introduced in 2016. Two years later, the initial testers were launched in Germany and a few other European countries. Now, the truck is commercially available without any boundaries. The models of these trucks are designed by keeping in view the feedback collected from customers on the model and their general preferences for the product. Areas of major focus were primarily safety, drive power and range. This was intimated by Andreas von Wallfeld, the head of marketing, sales, and services in Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

The trucks are created with energy-efficient systems. They have two electric motors. The batteries can either be three or four. They will have the capacity of 105 kiloWatt hours each. The maximum capacity will be of 420 kiloWatt hours which will go to the range of approximately 400 km. The system does not create any noise and can easily wade through the roads and traffic any time of the day. The company is considering providing guides to set up the system and even to install infrastructure. The company will roll out the models in European countries soon.


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