Tesla Has Quietly Built A New Vehicle Upon The Cybertruck

Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck delivery event was a disappointment, marked by an underwhelming presentation from CEO Elon Musk and less-than-impressive specs with higher-than-expected prices.

While the Cybertruck unveiling left much to be desired, attendees of the delivery event were treated to an unexpected delight—a tour of Tesla’s Giga Factory in Austin, Texas. Beyond the overshadowed Cybertruck, the real star turned out to be a Cybertruck-inspired mini “buggy for whizzing around,” as YouTuber and motoring journalist Mat Watson humorously described it.

In contrast to the lackluster full-size Cybertruck, this mini Cybercart has piqued interest. Though details are sparse, social media images depict a golf cart-sized vehicle capable of accommodating up to six people. Resembling people carriers seen in airport terminals, the mini cart features a scaled-down exoskeleton with stainless steel panels and a sleek lightbar across the front.

Given the enormity of Giga Texas—a sprawling facility with over 10 million square feet of floor space—the introduction of the mini Cybercart serves a practical purpose. Acting as a solution for transporting workers across the vast halls, the mini cart navigates the expansive factory, which ranks as the second-largest building by volume globally. With the mini Cybercart, covering distances within the facility, nearly a mile in length, becomes a more efficient task.

Despite its likely non-mass production status, Tesla’s mini Cybercart has captured the imagination. It emerges as a more appealing option for navigating public spaces compared to its full-scale inspiration, the Cybertruck. With its compact size and functionality, the mini Cybercart showcases Tesla’s inventive approach to addressing the challenges posed by the extensive Giga Texas facility.

In the midst of Cybertruck criticisms, the mini Cybercart stands as an unexpected star, revealing Tesla’s knack for innovation beyond the spotlight of its headline-grabbing products.

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