Tesla Cars Could Become Even Cheaper Thanks To A Big New Announcement By Elon Musk

On the 8th of May, Tesla made an extraordinary revelation. According to Electrek, they’ve set up a lithium refinery near Corpus Christi, Texas with an aim to produce 1 million electric vehicles annually. Refining lithium in-house is meant to cut manufacturing costs since so many EV batteries rely on this mineral.

It’s especially noteworthy that the US is moving toward domestic lithium refining, ’cause relatively speaking, they don’t produce much of the world’s lithium. Their goal in broadening their refining capabilities is to get more consistent access to renewable energy sources. That’s why Tesla is at the helm of this initiative.

Tesla recently rolled out a massive lithium refinery that is set to increase the production of battery-grade lithium. To commemorate this momentous occasion, they tweeted a video with some of their most esteemed figures such as Elon Musk himself. In it, Mr. Musk spoke enthusiastically about the new refinery and said it is now one of the largest of its kind– producing more battery-grade lithium than all North American refineries combined! That’s huge! Not only for EVs, but for our everyday gadgets like phones, cameras and even flashlights that need lithium.

“Lithium costs have skyrocketed, jumping 182.6% since December 2022! To shield American industries from overseas price fluxes, we need to set up more lithium refineries within the domestic market. Tesla is stepping up their game for this cause, and if successful, it could very well reduce EV manufacturing expenses– and they’ll pass on that savings to us consumers!

Industry experts anticipate that the growing demand for EVs will drive 90% of the lithium requirements by 2030. As part of a long-term plan to ensure sustainable access to clean energy in the United States, Elon Musk has encouraged other entrepreneurs to invest in similar refining facilities.

When Tesla shared the news on Twitter, it blew up! The social media universe was all about the project – applauding Tesla for their ambitious move. After all, this venture demonstrated that they were serious about driving sustainable transportation into the future. Everyone was thrilled!

Tesla’s push to develop its own lithium refinery is a huge deal for the EV market. Not only is it gonna make EV ownership more accessible, but it’s also gonna help lead the US into a more secure and sustainable energy future. This remarkable progress should be celebrated!

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