Canals In Venice Have Turned Fluorescent Green – And No One Knows Why

Venice, known for its enchanting canals, has recently been struck by yet another mysterious phenomenon. Just three months after the canals ran dry due to the effects of climate change, a patch of the iconic waterways has turned a fluorescent green hue, leaving locals and tourists baffled. The sudden transformation has sparked speculation and a flurry of discussions on social media, with people pondering the cause of this unusual occurrence.

While the vibrant green shade may remind some of the intentionally dyed Chicago River on St. Patrick’s Day, the two water bodies are separated by thousands of miles. The prevailing theories regarding the Venetian canals’ green hue range from eco-vandalism to an overgrowth of algae. However, as of now, no concrete explanation has been put forth.

According to reports, the green patch is visible close to the Rialto Bridge and appears to be expanding. The president of the Veneto region in Italy, Luca Zaia, is worried about the issue and has requested an urgent meeting with the police to look into the source of the liquid. In an effort to solve this mystery, water samples have been gathered from the location and CCTV footage is being examined.

Interestingly, history provides a precedent for dyed canals in Venice. In 1968, Argentine artist GarcĂ­a Uriburu used a fluorescent dye called Fluorescein to color the canal waters during the Venice Biennale. The purpose was to promote ecological consciousness and emphasize the connection between nature and civilization. Maurizio Vesco of the Regional Agency for Environmental Protection suggests that a large quantity of Fluorescein might have been used, potentially exceeding the usual dosage of one spoonful.

Questions remain about how such a significant amount of Fluorescein could have found its way into the canal. Vesco finds it hard to believe that this was a mere accident. While the operation of gondola rides continues unaffected, authorities in Venice have convened an emergency meeting to investigate the cause of the green water.

As Venetians and the world eagerly await answers, the mystery surrounding the fluorescent green canals of Venice persists. In a city known for its charm and beauty, this unexpected phenomenon serves as a stark reminder of the delicate balance between humans and the environment, highlighting the importance of protecting and preserving our natural treasures.

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