Take A Look At How Bitcoins Are Laser Etched With High Precision


Even though the hype of bitcoin has died down somewhat as compared to a couple months ago, there are still people who are invested heavily in the cryptocurrency. Have you ever wondered what a bitcoin would look like in real life? The team from ColdStorageCoins.com showcased an early attempt at laser-etching bitcoin.

“We’re well aware of the stories of those who lose their digital fortune to theft, acts of God, or general carelessness. And between highly volatile markets, opportunistic hackers, and general human error, it’s not surprising to hear people say, ‘It’s just not worth the effort.'” the company wrote in its announcement when it uploaded the video.

All the bitcoin from Cold Storage Coins come with the laser etched private keys. There is also a unique QR code etched into the metal. This makes trading bitcoin very easy and all you need is a QR scanner. You can see the etching process in the video below:



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