15 Genius Design Solutions That Can Solve Your Everyday Issues


Small solutions to our everyday issues can enhance our life a lot. Especially when those solutions can improve the functionality of common things.

Here are some examples of those brilliant design hacks that you can introduce to your life too!

This elevator button in the hallway will save your time by opening the door before you reach it

This restaurant has a mini remote control which lets you call a waiter, ask for bill or clear the table, without raising your hand to ask any of this

No cash is no excuse for not giving a tip when this machine is there

This container is the best solution to keep your dips with your chips

These hooks in the fitting room will help you decide easily and avoid the confusion while buying clothes

Calculate your bill as you shop to avoid any surprises or embarrassmentĀ at the checkout

This baby carriage with a scooter will keep the mom and baby entertained on the go

This drinking fountain doesn’t discriminate between you and your dog

This holder in the cup will hold your tea bag while you sip

Here’s a solution to the little man or little girl at your home who cannot reach the tap on their own

This chewing gum has paper inside so that you don’t throw the used gums uncovered


This socket extends and reached your appliances when the appliances can’t

This washbasin on the toilet lets you use the water again. Recycling at its best!

These nozzle caps for shoes can help to make your shoes become friends with grass and soil

This amazing slide will let anyone enjoy their childhood once again



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