Take a Sneak Peek Into The Technologies Used In SpaceX Advanced Dragon Space-Suit

SpaceX released a video that shows the sort of Tech their space-suit is equipped with and how it is designed. SpaceX explains the reasons for creating their space-suits in a specific manner.

They claim that their design is perfectly fitted with the Dragon Spacecraft, both functionally and aesthetically. In the new video, SpaceX shows why they decided to go with, “Do it Yourself” route. Their unique and futuristic designs are in perfect alignment with those of the Dragon spacecraft.

SpaceX designed and created its spacesuits in-house even for their first space mission. This was a major break-through for the SpaceX team as even NASA collaborates with contractors having a long successful history in the area.

The Crew Equipment Manager and Lead Space Suit Specialist take us on the video tour of all the fantastic tech. The video covers the concept, design, and production processes of their futuristic spacesuit. SpaceX suits were used by NASA when two of their astronauts wore them to the International Space Station at the end of May.

The suit is just a part of the larger system that aligns with the dragon crew seat. Astronauts automatically get everything they need as soon as the suit plugs into the seat.

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