New Porous Yet Sturdy Mat Can Adsorb Any Liquid 25 Times Its Weight

Researchers from Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) came up with the perfect mix of substances and delivered a mat. It can adsorb liquids 25 times more than its weight. The researchers say it has high adsorption capacity while being reusable.

6FDA-TrMPD is a highly porous material and was used by the researchers. They took a liquid solution and drew the content through an electric field in a method known as electrospinning.

The completion of the electrospinning process left them with a highly porous, yet sturdy mat. They added trifluoromethyl group molecules (water repellent), which enabled the carpet to adsorb oils just as good as water.

The all-new highly adsorbent mat is far better than its counterparts. During lab testing, the team discovered that they could adsorb about 0.88 oz (25 grams) of oil per 0.04 oz (1 gram) of spilled liquids. The fact that it is reusable is an addition to its practical use.

Fuat Topuz, who conducted a study on the product said, it is far better than other adsorbents I have ever studied. The most significant benefit the material offers is its reusable factor. It makes it more practical as well as economical for cleaning our regular spills.

After achieving such marvelous lab test results of the product, researchers are now studying sustainably sourced polymers that can be purposed this way. It will help optimize different builds for different pollutants. The researchers aim at their next step to further produce membranes and fibrous sponges to make reusable and efficient adsorbents.

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