Wonderful Engineering

Take A Look Inside The Magnificent BMW Factories Where All The Magic Happens

BMW stays in the top league in the field of automotive manufacturing and has evolved over time to keep itself at the top of the competition. This has only been possible because of the firm pushing the limits of engineering and incorporating neq technologies in the manufacturing processes. We have for you a pictorial tour of some of the factories that are being operated by BMW in Germany, Netherlands, US and UK.

BMW Plant Leipzig – 2 Series Active Tourer Assembly Finish

BMW Plant Leipzig – Electric BMW i8 Assembly

BMW Plant Spartanburg – Autonomous Operations

BMW Plant Spartanburg – Welding

BMW Plant Regensburg – Cathodic Cleaning and Paint Shop, 1 Series Production

BMW Plant in Regensburg – Paint Shop, 1 Series Production

BMW Plant Berlin – Finishing of BMW C Evolution

BMW Plant Berlin – Test Rig for BMW C Evolution

BMW Plant Born – New MINI Manufacturing

BMW Plant Oxford – Baking of Paint for MINI

BMW Plant Swindon – Line 15, Pressing of Hoods

BMW Plant Swindon – Coils of Steel waiting to be pressed

BMW Plant Dingolfing – Electric Gearbox, BMW i3

BMW Plant Regensburg – Paint Shop, 1 Series Production

BMW Plant Oxford – MINI 5-door being worked upon by Associates

BMW Plant in Swindon – Hood Cell in Sub-Assembly

BMW Plant Landshut – Innovation and Production Center for CFRP