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Stuttgart Students Create An Electric Vehicle That Can Hit 100km/hr In Only 1.779 Seconds

Stuttgart Students Claim EV Acceleration Record 11

So you think EVs are not powerful enough? Meet this group of students from the Stuttgart University. What have they done? They have managed to hit 100kmh in 1.779 seconds. Yes, that is true! You were saying?Stuttgart Students Claim EV Acceleration Record 10

The car was created by the University of Stuttgart’s Green Team and was able to shave off 0.006 seconds from the previous record held by the ETH Zurich and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The University of Stuttgart’s E0711-6 electric car features a torque of 1200Nm and is capable of transferring it to the four wheels immediately. Its battery management system and control units were developed by the team in house.

A version of the car shows a rear wing attached to it, however, the version that has broken the record didn’t sport one in order to experience less drag and faster acceleration. The world record attempt is part of the University Green Team’s mission of raising awareness about EVs and their capabilities. The team is awaiting confirmation from the Guinness Book Of World Records and is confident that they are going to get it.

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