BMW Says It Is Halting Fossil Fuel Production At Its Main Plant

Can you imagine a world where there are no active internal combustion engines? We could see one soon.

A conference that signified the start of production of BMW’s electric i4 model led to the company’s head of production stating that the firm will halt the production of internal combustion engines at its main plant in Munich by 2024, according to Reuters

A BMW i4 of the German luxury carmaker is seen during the company's annual news conference in Munich, Germany, March 21, 2018.   REUTERS/Michael Dalder

Production chief Milan Nedeljkovic further stated that by 2023 at least half the vehicles made in Munich would be electrified, either battery electric or plug-in hybrid. Still, BMW’s factories in Austria and the U.K. will still manufacture ICEs for its other vehicle models functioning on fossil fuel. 

BMW has been proactive in heavily dedicating its resources towards electric vehicles like its recent electric scooters and electric two-wheelers. BMW CEO Oliver Zipse stated at a conference last week that the company would be ready with an all-electric offering in case the ICEs get banned anywhere in the world.

BMW has set a milestone for itself to have at least 50% of new global car sales be electric by 2030 and has also promised to reduce emissions from transport logistics at its plants.

Source: Reuters

Rail and trucks running on batteries will be used to transport vehicles in and around its plant to reduce its carbon footprint. This sets a precedence for other automobile companies as well.

With so many measures to conserve the environment now, it is still asked that is enough?

However, BMW’s electric vehicles are not affordable for many and they do not fall in that range. Will companies bring economical and sustainable options?

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