SymGym Is A New Workout Machine That Makes You Exercise While Playing A Game


Sitting in one place all day long and staring at the same screen for hours give off an anti-social and unhealthy vibe from the video gamers. This image is changing since past few years, especially after games like Pokémon GO that are making people go out of their homes.

Still, there is another way that allows gamers to enjoy the game and do some exercise simultaneously without pausing whatever they are playing. Enter SymGym, the machine that will soon become popular among all gamers of the world.


SymGym is an exercise controller for a full-body workout without interfering with your virtual haven. It looks more like some gym equipment on which you had your last workout. At the same time, it does not look awkward or out of place, in fact, it looks somewhat like a video gaming gear.

Okay, I admit that you will look funny while using the SymGym but come on, everything that involves exercising does always seem a little funny, at least to me.

The best thing about SymGym is that it is also an integrated multiplayer. Yup, you got that right! All you have to do is connect your performance via smartphones, and you will get statistical updates on your partner’s/opponent’s performance. There! You have exercising, gaming, and a competitive environment, all at one place!


Why do I think it is the best feature? Well, because when you play or workout with other people, it enhances your performance and maximizes your efficiency. Playing and working out on your own includes boredom and lacks the necessary adrenaline.

The company manufacturing SymGym has not yet decided on a price, but they are saying that a single gym session on the machine will cost about $15.

A little expensive, but maybe it is worth it. What do you say? Would you try out the SymGym or do you have a better alternative? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Weston Reply

    I have a bad back . After watching that video I can guarantee you that torture device, I mean exercise gym, would not be good

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