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Sunn Light Is An LED Light That Mimicks The Sun All Day

Sunn Light – Sun Mimicking Gadget 8

Sunn Light is a powerful and smart LED light that is capable of autonomously changing its brightness level according to the sun’s movement to mimic the feeling of sun within your home. You are looking at a gadget that can make your day inside the house as pleasing and refreshing.

Sunn Light comes in two sizes; the smaller one measures 19 inches and sports 240 LEDs cranking a maximum output of 3,300 lumens while the larger one is for 24 inches and houses 330 LEDs with an output of 5,500 lumens. Sunn Light can be hung on the wall just like a photo frame or can be affixed in a proper fitting. You can install as many units as you want and pair them with your smartphone – iOS or Android. Sunn Light connects via Bluetooth and detects the longitude and latitude of the sun, therefore mimicking the natural cycle of the sun inside the room.

Shaking the smartphone during night will switch on the ‘midnight mode’ of Sunn Light that will allow you to have enough light inside the room to make your way to the bathroom without bumping into other furniture or waking anyone else up. After pairing it once with the smartphone, the gadget will be able to stay in sync with the sun for a year without being connected to the smartphone constantly.

The Sunn Light begins functioning in the day by glowing during morning time to recreate the sunrise and wake you up. As time passes by, the brightness is increased and mimics the afternoon time of the day followed by dimming down to give the effect of evening. User can also program the gadget to match a different location’s daylight hours. According to a representative from Sunn Light, both Hue and LIFX can be programmed to mimic the Sunn Light as well.

Sunn Light has achieved the campaign target of $50,000 and still has almost a week till the campaign ends. One can get a unit for a pledge of $289 and delivery is slated for April 2015.

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