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This Portable Box Allows You To Take Professional Studio Photos Using Your Smartphone


We all know how expensive it is to get professional studio equipment. Miniature toy designer Brenna Jensen and tile designer Dominic Crinson, when faced with a similar situation, created their very own DIY portable studio.

This studio also called the ‘Lightcase’, is a lot similar to ‘Foldio’ due to the fact that it is essentially an envelope sized popup photo studio with the purpose to eradicate the expensive lighting equipment or tripod requirements.  Frosted polypropylene plastic, due to its unique properties of being able to diffuse incoming light to form reflection free images, is the material used. And it reduces the hassle of putting it together since the Lightcase only needs a few seconds to assemble with tabs and creases.

The use of Lightcase is simple. The user only needs to place the object to be photographed inside the specially designed box and let it do all the work while the user photographs it from the front or from above using his Smartphone. Three backdrops are available to choose from: white, black and frosted. This is definitely something every budding photographer has at least once in his life, wished for. Check out the video below for more details:

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