This Suitcase Has Its Own Built-in Shelving System To Become A Cupboard On The Go


Packing for any holiday or business was never as stressful as it is now after the cheap airlines took over the travel industry. Many airlines have set up some really strict rules about the luggage and can even tell you to take some weight off your bag if it exceeds the allowed limit even a little. Travellers want to stuff all of their luggage in a single carry-on case so that they don’t have to pay extra for the luggage. But to do that, they need to squeeze their luggage into small boxes and have to keep the weight under 10 kgs as well. A good solution to this problem is the ‘lifehack luggage.

Designers all over the world are trying to make modifications to the luggage to keep up with the changing conditions of travel. One of the firms which are working on the luggage reinvention is Solgaard. The team at Solgaard has developed a wide range of luggage alternatives that fit with the updated and modern way of traveling, working and organizing. Among the range of the luggage and suitcases, the most impressive one is the Lifepack carry-on suitcase.

This bag is more like a closet that moves around with you. The clothes are stored in it in a verticle fashion. The Lifepack suitcase is packed in a very nice way into small compartments within the suitcase. The design of the bag is revealed when it is opened. From outside it looks like an ordinary bag. All the content of the bag can be lifted up into verticle shelves. It allows a person to see everything that is packed inside and is at an eye-level. In a regular suitcase you have to keep digging in the dark to find the shirt which you were looking for. With the expanding shelves of the Lifepack, you can adjust all your clothes easily and can access them easily as well.

With the pack, you don’t even need to unpack and repack every time when you are stopping in between your journey. You can easily open your suitcase, lift up the shelves, get your clothes and then collapse the shelves in the same way and pack your luggage again. The bag is made up of a hard plastic shell which is able to withstand the pressure of regular travel sites of 4 wheels for smooth movement through airports, streets, and lobbies. It also has a two-step telescopic handle and a TSA approved locking system.


The size of the suitcase is 21.6 x 14.3 x 9 inches. The Lifepack is designed by Adrian Slogaard. He talked about his creation saying, “I have been living out of a carry-on for the past eight months in order to perfect the design of the Lifepack Carry-On-Closet. In today’s fast-paced society we saw the need for a quick way to organize and find items in your suitcase. Whether you are taking a weekend getaway, or you’re traveling frequently for business, I see this making a positive impact on people’s lives.”

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