This Indian School Is Teaching Students To Write With Both Hands

Only 1% of global population is ambidextrous as shown by the data, but VP Sharma, the founder of Veena Vandini School in Madhya Pradesh, is ready to change that by aiming to teach all 300 students of the Veena Vandini School to write using both hands.

Inspired by India’s first president Rajendra Prasad who also happened to be ambidextrous, VP Sharma, the founder of the school, was ambitious to promote ambidexterity training in his school.

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“I read in a magazine that Dr. Rajendra Prasad India’s first president used to write with both hands. This inspired me to give it a try,” Mr. Sharma said. “Later when I launched my school at my native village, I tried training the students.”

“We began training students from standard I, and by the time they reach standard III, they were comfortable writing with both the hands,” Sharma added. “Students of standard VII and VIII can write with speed and accuracy. Further, they can write two scripts simultaneously, one with each hand. Students also know several languages, including Urdu.”

Source: ViralNova

Each class in the school includes a 15 minutes handwriting practice to make sure that every student can write using both hands. According to VP Sharma, the skill helps students learn different languages faster and can help increase concentration.

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However, the recent studies have shown quite the opposite. A Scientific American research has revealed that ambidextrous children, in fact, perform worst than left handed or right handed children especially in logical reasoning, maths, and memory. Another study carried out in Northern Finland has indicated that ambidextrous children are more likely to develop mental health issues, academic and language problems. Let’s just hope that the 300 children in Veena Vandini School do not develop any of these.

Also, check out the video below to learn more about Veena Vandini School.

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