Luxury Fashion Brand Creates A $2300 Skirt That Looks Just Like Any Car Mat

From ‘clear plastic pants’ to shoulder pads to large ruffles, 2017 has been a year of weirdest fashion trends. What better way to end the year of bizarre trends than by introducing the car mat skirts. What? You don’t think they are cool. Well, Balenciaga would like to disagree.


The $2300 skirt is not just a stitched car mat, the brilliant minds at Balenciaga put a little more work into it. Despite the skirt’s neoprene backing for “utilitarian aesthetic”, the skirt, for the most part, replaces rubber with leather and is actually 50% lambskin.

“It’s fabulous to see such a well-respected fashion brand taking inspiration from the everyday car mat, and we’re flattered that the skirt bears a close resemblance to our Cosmos Duro All Weather Car Mat,” said by a spokesperson at Argos.

The controversial skirt seems to have drawn much attention on social media. If the trend is here to stay, people have suggested a $20 alternative for $2300 Balenciaga’s skirt.

Some also think something is missing from the skirt.

It’s been Balenciaga’s second controversial item in the last couple of months, after a $2,145 tote bag that looks just like the 99 cent bag sold by IKEA.



What’s next to expect? Shirts made out of car shades?

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