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Stay In Shape and Charge Your Gadgets With Pedal Power

New York-based company, Pedal Power, has created a workstation which allows the user to produce their own electricity to perform variety of tasks. The user just has to cycle to produce the energy and they can charge their phones, laptops and run electric hand tools.

Pedal Power has produced two models, namely the Big Rig and Pedal Genny. Big Rig is the larger, more complex model out of the two products. It provides a work surface, a seat and even a battery to store the energy you’ve produced, so your hard leg-work doesn’t go to waste. Details are scarce at the time but Pedal Power claims that the average adult will be able to operate Big Rig for long enough to run a laptop for two hours, pump five gallons of water per minute, operate an air compressor, grind grains, churn butter and perform many other tasks.

Pedal Genny is a lot smaller, looks a lot simpler and less well-finished than Big Rig, as well as having no seat or work surface which makes it less flexible too. But the lower cost and portability of this device gives it some advantages. Pedal Genny can also be used to generate electricity, pump water, mill grains, and even operate small, low-power mechanical devices.

These two gadgets from Pedal Power are great for those who want to live off-grid or even for emergency situations such as blackouts. The Kickstarter project does, however, require eager buyers to part with a substantial amount of money. With the pledge amount for Big Rig starting at $2,000 and the amount for  the base model of Pedal Genny starting at $650, the gadgets certainly are expensive for DIY power generators. Images for Power Pedals creations can be seen below.

These gears convert legwork into electrical power

There are other pedal-operated power generating devices, but Pedal Power’s devices differ in power output and size

Pedal Genny is the more portable of the two devices

Big Rig provides a work surface, making it more likely for professional use

Big Rig can be used for a wider variety of tasks

Both medals have the capability to generate electricity

Children testing the prototypes from Pedal Power

The Big Rig gadget being used to mill grains