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Relieve That Never-Ending Joint Pain With These Electronic Patches By Philips

Smartphones have become quite a crucial part of our everyday lives and it would seem that living without one is almost next to impossible if not entirely impossible. Seeing the trend with smartphones, we have witnessed a rise in the amount of gadgets that are hitting the market and are controlled via smartphones. Phillips, however, has decided to come up with gadgets which are quite different from the existing ones. Say hello to PulseRelief and BlueTouch that are basically patches which suppress persistent pain.

The PulseRelief employs a technology known as TENS – transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulation – that works by blocking pain signals from reaching your brain while at the same time, the apparatus facilitates and stimulates the production endorphin. For those of you who are not aware of it, endorphin is basically the name given to chemicals that generate the feeling of happiness and well being in the user.

People who suffer muscle and joint pain can benefit from these gadgets. The feature that sets these gadgets apart is the fact that there are about 60 intensity levels that can be selected from the app via smartphones and tablets. These gadgets have been designed to work for both iPhones and iPads.

The BlueTouch targets the back pain specifically, and is an upgrade of an old product. The device works by shining blue light via LEDs onto the skin user and this stimulates the body in releasing nitric oxide that then increases the blood flow and helps in natural healing process. Both of these gadgets will hit the American market in a few months, however, there is no word about their pricing as of yet. Check out the youtube video below for more: