Starlink Is Launching A New Generation Of Mini-Satellites – And They Come With Space Lasers

By launching an improved version of its satellites with laser communication capabilities, SpaceX’s Starlink has accomplished a critical milestone for space-based internet services. This change represents a turning point in the development of satellite-based internet services.

Adding to its constellation of satellites, Starlink, a SpaceX affiliate, tweeted that it had successfully launched its next-generation satellites into orbit. Since the launch of its first satellite more than three years ago, this constellation has rapidly grown thanks to SpaceX’s reusable Falcon 9 rockets and an expanding customer base seeking remote internet connectivity.

The newly upgraded satellites are equipped with Optical Intersatellite Links, utilizing space lasers to facilitate seamless communication between satellites within the constellation. By enabling direct communication between satellites, bypassing the need for constant communication with ground stations, these lasers enhance internet speeds and reduce latency for customers.

The integration of these advanced lasers significantly improves the efficiency of data transfers, with each laser link capable of speeds up to an impressive 100 Gbps. Starlink plans to deploy over 8,000 such lasers across its constellation, ensuring accurate inter-satellite communication even when the satellites are thousands of miles apart.

This breakthrough technology not only enhances the current service but also paves the way for broader applications, including extending services to the maritime and aviation industries. Starlink’s ambition is to meet the global coverage demands required by these sectors, showcasing the potential of its space-based internet services.

In a competitive landscape, where rival companies like OneWeb are gearing up to enter the arena, Starlink remains committed to staying ahead. Surveys have shown that Starlink’s internet services often surpass traditional broadband connections in speed and reliability. Expanding its satellite constellation ensures a more reliable network for its growing user base, maintaining Starlink’s position as a leader in the burgeoning space-based internet services sector.

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