SpaceX’s ‘Space Billboard’ Is Actually Way Smaller Than You Would Think

The recent convenient and easy access of space has created endless possibilities for utilizing this outlet. There are now commercial flights being taken to orbit and back and there will be many more in the near future. In addition to that, talks about space tourism and travel, along with setting a space hospitality sector are in process. All these developments will lead the world to another era where space will be in the process of being colonized and capitalized.

The past weekend, an announcement was made that left all the space enthusiasts in anticipation of what might be coming their way. A startup, Geometric Energy Corp (GEC) used SpaceX to send an advertising billboard into the space.

This has created excitement and anticipation among people ever since the announcement was made. Twitter received this news with a myriad of emotions like surprise, disapproval, and sarcasm. According to an Insider‘s reporting, the billboard can be bought for advertisement by companies like the ones present on earth. However, the payment will be made in the form of cryptocurrency. It was also speculated that anyone could pay for anything to be displayed.

A recent revelation by the company has left the plans of lavish and excessive space advertising high and dry by stating that the billboard is not some giant screen. In fact, it is a four-inch screen that is one face of a cubic satellite and will be used as a billboard. It will not be visible to people on Earth unlike the ones promised by Pepsi and Russia but never delivered.

Although this advertisement form is not as huge as it may have appeared to people, in the beginning, it is still a decent place for brands and companies to get noticed on. The launch of a product through this will earn a significant amount of marketing and will lead to more customers or clients. The satellite has a selfie camera from which it will broadcast the ongoings online.

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